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Wood Investment - useful or fraud?

Constant focus for us is investing in timber.
On this subject a lot of information and services are on the net, Ökolia remains cautious.

None of us want to put money in illegal projects that are disguised as ecologically valuable investment. None of us wants to contribute to the already hugely damaged forest areas, to be reduced worldwide scale.

We ask Greenpeace.
Greenpeace supports our skepticism and calls for caution.
We keep looking for further information but can´t find absolute security and satisfaction.

We look for FSC certified vendors and discover FOREST FINANCE.

Timber investment is of course nothing more than buy and resell.
But, can greed for profit  be compatible with environmental protection?
We do not think so.

Is there any way possible to combine these two components harmoniously with each

Finance considers such offers

The philosophy of Forest Finance is valuable.
Of course, a philosophy by itself is not enough. But the offers of Forest Finance are interesting, it is drawn to the risks and repeatedly made aware of the certified forestry. We are informed about the various locations of their production as well as on the social thought in the regions to create jobs locally.
So far so good.

Conclusion: It sounds and reads interesting and commendable.
But, before you start investing, please get informed and think twice.
We would like to hear from, your thoughts, experiences whatever around Wood Investment.


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Forest Finance

Forest Finance im Überblick :
+ seit 1997 durchgehende Bewirtschaftung von FSC zertifizierten Wälder
+ führender deutscher Anbieter innerhalb der Forst - Direktinvestments mit über 6000 Kunden

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