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A little about trees...

Holz und Wald
Wir lieben Holz!
Holz und Wald
Wir lieben Holz!
Holz und Wald
Wir lieben Holz!

We love wood!
Most of all as a healthy tree!
A quiet walk through the woods is relaxing and inspiring to us again and again. There is so much to discover.
The silence of a forest takes us away from stress of our everyday life,  the beauty of the green stills our anger, the rustling of leaves and needles calms us down.

We sit on trees and breathe the forest, we are looking for and observing animals. Whatever season, a forest remains a great magical wonder.

Most of our team take the forest home.

Almost everyone does as there is furniture or books or art or brushes, picture frames, baskets, packaging ... the list is long. The need for wood is huge, that immense - our natural resources are not able to meet the growing demand.

The consequences are frightening.
Let´s take a look at a satellite image of our planet. Lots of empty space where there once grew huge areas of forest...
Hot spots remain not only the rain forests, the struggle for the preservation of this area is not only a regional problem - our readers know about the need.

What to do?
We can plant and maintain trees. Anyone who owns  property is well advised not to massacre them all down as it is unfortunately too often seen. We can also spend money to invest in wood, but we can very easily go shopping more consciously.

Ökolia asks:

Please buy products only from responsible forest management.
Look and ask for the  FSC label.
FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, a quality standard for sustainable and responsible forestry.
The FSC works internationally - and independent of government.
The FSC is involved in - and is supported by numerous environmental organizations.

Please support the purchase of such products and  promote an environmentally  management of our forests..
Thank you!

Start today!



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