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Thoughts about Animal Welfare

There is a need for animal welfare in our so called civilized society.
Kind of a sad thing, don´t you think?

Oekolia would like to help, works for reports, to the best knowledge and belief
and keeps watching carefully. We want to help to support the development of a better understanding that will lead us to a change.
We do not want to shock with reports about cruelty and abuse of animals although it happens all the time. Unfortunately.
We´d like to plead,
beg as advertise for a respectful - and loving handling of animals.

Oekolia thinks that every living being should be treated just as we ourselves want to be treated.

  • We face animals and nature with respect
  • We do not see any difference, each living being should be treated the same
  • Each creature is unique and deserves a happy and fulfilled life
  • We try to care for animals best way possible
  • We support charities, as far as we can.
  • We take in animals in need and are trying to find a good and safe home for them

Our goal is a change toward animals and nature in general.
We want to expand our Animal Welfare.
If you like, you are very welcome to join in, accompany and to support us.

Thank you.


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