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A little about the sea

What a disaster!
When the miracle of the sea is destroyed, mankind will no longer survive, not a secret anymore?
But if we know so much,  why do we continue to destroy?

Let´s talk about chronic overfishing.
The catch rates of individual countries have reduced the fish stocks in a way that the possibility of recovery of species diversity is discussed very carefully. This includes not only the so-called food fish, the trawl fishing on the bottom of the sea reduces crabs - and shellfish to a dangerous minimum. Not to be forgotten is the significant by-catch. This means that animals accidentally go into the net, not used and thus destroyed.

The good news:  the urgent rethink now shows a first effect.
For five years, in Europe, the fishing quotas and catch levels are reduced, slowly but still.

Ökolia welcomed this change but remains skeptical.
With control and reduce fishing quotas for the already battered fishing begins a difficult era. However, there is an urgent need to respond to the state of the sea, these resources were plundered without restraint much too long.

Each one of us can but help to improve the situation.

  • buying only products with the MSC - Seal
          (Marine Stewardship Council)
  • buying only products with the label "natural country" (NATURLAND)  and "organic" (BIO)
  • buying only products made from organic: organic farming and - aquaculture

Note: fish and shellfish out of conventional farms or aquaculture will be raised including large quantities of antibiotics, since the high density of the infection pressure is enormous.

Let´s avoid or reduce the consumption of shrimp and shellfish. Unfortunately shellfish farms destroy nature resources as well in a sense of mangrove forest destruction.

Let's avoid the consumption of Tuna, Eel, Red snapper, Sole, Sea bream, Alaska pollack, Dogfish, Hake, Sea bass, Sprat, Whiting, plaice, Marlin and Victoria perch. Please stay away from Shark Fins!

Greenpeace has here a valuable shopping guide
developed which is available free of charge.

So let´s go for it, not only in terms of animals but also for you personally!
Protected by your thoughtful purchase, there is a possibility of conservation and recovery for the creatures of our oceans and promotes thereby sustainable fishing!


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