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Natural Cosmetics

A walk through supermarkets and drug stores shows it.
There´s a lack of nothing, but in everything.
Let´s restrict ourselves only to cosmetic products today, Oekolia wants to know...

Walking trough any kind of drugstore clearly shows  an over-supply of toiletries. The shelves almost break down, overcrowded with  shampoo, conditioner, lotion, creams, deodorant, perfume, make - up.
And of course, all these producs are only the best, the special one with the new formula.

The colorful packaging promises breathtaking beauty in seconds because " people of today"  do not have time for anything. Doesn´t matter - the ten minute's fountain of youth will set it up ... right?

But first doubts arise when the result is always the same.
In fact, some products actually give us the feeling to be reinvented. We consider ourselves satisfied in the mirror, stroking our peach skin, admiring our shiny hair and find ourselves irresistible.

A short time later, we find that our newly acquired beauty fades.
Tired looking again, our hair is dull, scaly our skin, maybe even inflamed, the nails brittle.

  •  Take a look at the ingredients!
  •  The small printed words are difficult to read?

Right, because you should not necessarily be interested in it.
The declaration of the
INCIS is EU - required, that´s why  the wrapping of our beauty - makers are overcrowded with so many strange terms.
To make it short. We do nothing more than smear pure chemistry on us.
Already knew that?

Why still on that road then?
The sloping consumer demand alternatives.

Honestly, do we really want silicone in our hair and petroleum on our skin?
The manufacturers know this and respond.
The magic formula is now called: "natural cosmetics".

Oekolia is curious, no chemistry?  Continued beauty
plant-based, no animal testing?

Let´s check it out!


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