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In a need for organic food and products

The last test of Greenpeace has shown it.

Again the pesticide contamination of fruits and vegetables from conventional farming is not only alarming, but an attack on our health.

Frightening to note that despite the ban pesticides are used in high concentrations.
Especially the very popular grapes mutated to chemical bombs as well as peppers, tomatoes and else. Strawberries are exposed to dangerously high doses of toxins.
A so called : "healthy  food" can easily become a health risk.

These products need to be definitely off the market!
But not only  the pesticides endanger our well being, too much fertilizer of the fields and crops raises another potential danger.

Policy and trade have to respond NOW!

How does it work, you ask - only by pressure from us consumers!
The good news: organic food is available.
Consumers change their minds, there is definitely an organic food - boom spreading.
Buying organic food is no longer unusual anymore.

Greenpeace has succeed by persistent food tests and publications of results.
But a healthy trusted turnaround is not available
yet .

Are organic products really the healthier alternative?
Yes, in general.
Organic farmers must not apply pesticides, have to meet several requirements as to accomplish their duty of  products quality controls.

But the acreage of organic fruits and vegetables are not hermetically sealed.
If, for example, there are
conventional farmers around poisoning, there is a chance of transfering pesticides on our organic food growing next.

In agriculture there are, of course, rules, prohibitions and obligations that prohibit clearly to bring out fertilizers or pesticides in windy weather. The driving speed of the tractor should always be controlled but take a look, sharp your eye on the fields!
Every now and then you will detect, there´s no garantee observing these principles.

You might see a tracktor rumbeling across fields, shooting out fertilizer or pesticides.
Imagine a windy breeze is joining in, the venom  takes over at Mom's, covers her freshly
hung laundry, rushes into our lungs or sits down on our food.

But, tests have been proven that under the seal of organic products only traces of chemicals were reported  - certainly better than the ubiquitous and toxic cocktail of conventional products.

According to Greenpeace, nearly 90% of.organic foods and products are completely free of any poison while in conventionally produced vegetables and fruit more than 80% were pesticides.

To us it proves, we need organic food!
Not out of curiosity, but out of necessity!
For you we have selected a few suppliers whose service convinced.
Please help by buying organic - products to create a more stable, healthier environment.

Oh and do not forget, send us your experiences!
Your reports are welcome!


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