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Thoughts on the purchase of pets

The will  to offer a four legged or feathered friend our home comes hopefully out of love. Great euphoria joins in and it can not be fast enough to welcome the new guest. Experience has shown that the initial excitement quickly turns into disillusion when our (pleasant) anticipation has been faster than our concerns. Ökolia would like to share some thoughts about this, helping to create friendships based on love and respect.

First, we want to deal with the question of what kind of pet is the right one for us.
What can we offer to meet their needs? Do we have the will and ability  to understand an animal?
Even if you are an already experienced pet owner, we ask you to please think twice.

Many of our pets are groups -,  swarm - or herd animals means they should never be kept alone.
(An exception may be a hamster...) This is true for most of rodents, as well as for birds, for many fish, reptiles, horses, cattle, pigs, etc. In cats and dogs we have had the experience that their contracts - and their needs to be with other ones varies.
Because of that we need to get a lot of information before our pet friend moves in.

Do we also have sufficient space available? (The guinea pig in a small cage somewhere off between mop and broom is not justifiable!) Especially rodents need much more space than they are often granted, the usual cages in pet stores are mostly not sufficient. The same for bird houses,  aquariums and terrariums.
In addition, all the above mentioned accommodation are quite expensive, unless you are talented enough to hammer together your own creations. The accommodation of horses, cattle and pigs should be thought very carefully too before we get those animals to us. By the way, a small stall with a tiny front lawn is not enough.

Next thing - time. Do we have enough time to spare?
People who spend all day long in the office do well, not to call a dog their own, if this means your friend has to wait 8 - 10 hours a day home alone. Then perhaps an acquisition of small pets living in groups would be the better alternative.
What about holidays, do you have a trusted person to know your pet in good hands?

Species-appropriate food. Can we feed our animals varied and fully satisfying?
Our budget strong enough? Do we have adequate storage facilities and always access to fresh feed?

What about diseases? Are you able to detect them early enough? Enough time, the will and money for a vet. treatment left? Are you willing to take care for your sick animals for which additional time, money and patience is needed?

Enduring suffer for injured, elderly or ailing animals is a tough job.
At least we can save an animal from its pain but we really need to think twice of this last step - final thoughts. Of course, it is a blessing and also correct to release an incurably ill animal that´s suffering pain but it should be noted that lots of pets get to put down too early.
Before we make that decision, we need to think very carefully whether the time has come already. It is amazing how many animals have been recovered although they were very close at the gate of great beyond. In this sensitive topic lies always the question of how much pain we as owners, can bear. Not to forget, a nursing case means hope, it means fear, sleepless nights, 24-hour alert and intensive care. Or an expensive stay in the hospital.

Do not get us wrong, we don´t want to kill your joy about animals,  the opposite is the case. But just the clearing of these few considerations shows what needs to be thought of to make sure everybody involved is happy.

But if you´re open for all of these matters: Go for it!
Please check first places of animal welfare. Too many pets are waiting for you, that it would be a shame if you don´t take your chance on them. And it doesn´t need to be a juvenile, so funny and cute they are. By the way, the must have of a so-called purebred becomes a questionable thing if we want to bring a friend home and not a status symbol!

Please think and discuss these ideas before the chaos moves in with you.
We wish you much joy and pleasure with your pet friends!
Write,  if you like about your experiences, do you have any more tips and advice?
Your reports are welcome!


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